Common Questions

How good do I need to be to make these crafts?
Our websites tries it best to make sure that everyone is able to find crafts that they feel comfortable doing!

Can I do these crafts with my grandkids?
Yes! A lot of our crafts on this site are easy enough to be made with younger kids

Where should I get supplies?
I recommend looking down below for more information!


If you're struggling with your current project, remember to take a moment and relax before starting again!
Also remember that it never hurts to ask for help or to look back on basic guidance videos.
Know your own limitations so you don't end up picking a project that might be too easy or too hard for you.

Where to Get Supplies

I'd recommend Joann Fabric and Micheals if you want to go to big art supply stores.
If not, then I'd recommend looking into local art supply stores. Supporting local business is always a good thing!